Homemade potato fries

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Although homemade potato fries are so easy to make, we (at least I) tend to always buy them somewhere instead of making them myself. I have made them myself a few times now and come up with a combination of ingredients that I find makes the perfect fries.

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Travelblog: Berlin

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Earlier this year I have been on a little weekend get-away with a very good friend of mine. I had a really good time in Berlin and wanted to share my experience and some photos with you!  Continue reading “Travelblog: Berlin”

My Go-To Green Smoothie


Smoothies in general are a great and easy way to get a lot of fruits and veggies into your body with out even really noticing it. And at the moment green smoothies are very popular, because they are not only very healthy but also really delicious. I have already tried a whole lot of different green smoothies until I found this one, which became my favourite.

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How to: clear out your wardrobe


Spring has just begun and during that time of the year I always feel like going through your wardrobe and clearing it out a bit is a must for me. Over the past years I have hoarded loads of clothes – most of them I haven’t even worn for several months or years but I kind of still refuse to give them away in case I “might need them some day”.

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